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Gretel and her brother Hansel live with their mother Helga in a small sparsely furnished house on the edge of a mysterious and magical forest. 

Helga is struggling to find enough food to feed her hungry children because of a famine in the land. Gretel is a sweet and smart girl who tries to help her mother with the chores, even though she is very hungry. Helga tells her that they do have some milk for dinner tonight, after she finishes sweeping up. 

Gretel loves her brother Hansel, but he is a bit of a lazy bones, and doesn’t want to help with the chores. When the two start arguing about who will sweep, Hansel accidentally spills the milk.

This is the last straw for Helga, and she angrily scolds the children. She is distraught at not having anything to feed her children but a few stale breadcrumbs. She tells the two that they must go out into the forest to gather berries, so they have something to eat. Hansel and Gretel reluctantly go into the scary woods, and Helga feels remorse and worries about her children.

Gretel is concerned about losing their way in the dark forest, but Hansel has an idea: he will leave a trail of breads crumbs he snitched from the cupboard which will lead them back home. It seems like a clever idea - until a flock of little birds follow behind and eat the crumbs.  When Hansel tells Gretel what happened, they become fearful because they realize they are now lost. The forest is filled with wispy spirits that look like fireflies. Suddenly a strange person appears and begins to dance around. It is the Sandman who puts Hansel and Gretel to sleep so they can rest. A beautiful Dew Fairy comes upon the children and wakes them up so they can continue their journey. Hansel discovers some delicious treats which lead them to a beautiful clearing exposing an amazing house made of gingerbread and decorated with delicious sweets! The two are overjoyed and eat their fill!

Suddenly, two cooks appear with life-sized gingerbread cookies. Hansel and Gretel are amazed. A strange woman emerges from the house. She sweetly introduces herself and dances with Hansel and Gretel, tempting them with cakes and candy. Suddenly, the woman reveals that she is the Sugar Witch who loves children – to eat! She locks Hansel in a cage and tells Gretel she must fatten him up so she can bake him into a tasty cookie.

When the witch leaves, Gretel desperately tries to free Hansel. The cooks take pity on the children, and they leave the keys to the cage for Gretel to find. Just as Gretel frees Hansel, the Witch returns. She tries to catch the two to push them into the oven, but the children lead the Witch on a crazy chase, making her dizzy. They pop her into the oven instead!

The Cooks thank Hansel and Gretel for freeing them. The gingerbread cookies turn back into real children, and they all run off to find their way home. Helga has been searching for her children, and the Dew Fairy and Sandman lead the children to find her. Helga is deeply sorry, but Hansel and Gretel love her so much they forgive her and show her all the food they have brought back from the Witch’s house.  

Their little family is reunited, and all their new friends rejoice as Hansel and Gretel bring out a big surprise! And they all live happily ever after!

Cast List


Robert Gardner


Edvard Grieg


Pam McMindes


Demian Spindler


Ryo Munakata



Anna Ackerman



Angela Wentling



Anna Stewart

Dew Fairy

Lizzie McMindes

Sugar Witch

Keith Justin Reeves


Myah Frase

Sophie Stewart

Forest Spirits

Sophie Stewart

Myah Frase

Kendall Austin

Magdalene Ramich

Olivia Allen

Skylar DeVore



Ali Baleno

Saanvi Barat

Amelia Glocker

Evie Rose Jackson



Annabelle Glocker

Esme Hughes

Lilah Mondello

Ava Morton

Brenn Thomas

Cast List
The Orchestra

Artistic Staff


Katherine Johnson
Artistic Director


Robert Gardner
Artistic Associate

Artistic Staff
The Company

The Company

Staff and Production

Production Assistant - Janet Wentling

Photography and Videography - Demian Spindler

Graphic Design - Lisa Gates

Wardrobe Mistress - Pam McMindes

Jim Niger, Professional Instant Press


New York State Ballet Board Members

Katherine Johnson, Founder and Executive Chair
Kara Bosco, Board Member
Miranda Glocker, Board Member
Pam McMindes, Board Member
Claire Mondello, Board Member


American Packaging Corporation
Brighton Securities Wealth Management

Jim Niger of Professional Instant Press
M&T Bank

Marilyn Enderby
The Mondello Family


Many thanks 

to Mr. Robert Gardner




The New York State Council on the Arts and the Monroe County government for making this production possible.


Office: (585) 203-1763 

Cell: (585) 704-1903 



PO Box 201, Pittsford, NY 14534


Studio Location:

821 Fairport Rd. E. Rochester, NY 14445




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