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Cinderella is a kind and hard-working young woman whose domineering stepmother and silly stepsisters treat her as their servant. They refuse to allow her to consider attending the Royal Ball, at which the Prince is rumored to be choosing his bride-to-be.


Not even eight charming bluebirds can cheer Cinderella up; she so longs to fly free as they do.

A beggar stumbles indoors, cold and hungry. Cinderella shows kindness and compassion despite the protests of her stepfamily who mock the old hag.


The stepmother calls upon the Dance Master to instruct the not-quite-coordinated stepsisters in preparation for the ball. The stepsisters are determined to win over the prince with their poise and irresistible charms.


At long last, it is time to leave for the ball. A dispirited Cinderella is left behind to finish her chores.


Suddenly Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears before her to grant her wish! The Fairies of the Seasons and creatures of the forest are called to prepare Cinderella for the ball. The Fairy Godmother warns her that the magic can only last until midnight and summons the Clock Trolls to repeat the message if needed.


Her rags transformed into a bejeweled dress, Cinderella arrives at the palace resembling a princess and is unrecognizable to her stepfamily. The Prince is enchanted by her beauty and goodness. Cinderella, blissfully happy, loses track of time. The Clock Trolls appear at the first stroke of midnight. Terrified that she might be revealed as a lowly servant, Cinderella flees from the palace, losing a crystal slipper in her haste. The Prince is heartbroken but is determined to find her.


Prince Charming searches the lands to find the maiden whose delicate foot can fit into this unusual slipper. Finally he searches his own kingdom and eventually arrives at the house of Cinderella and her stepfamily.

The stepsisters try on the shoe, with no luck. Even the stepmother is determined to squeeze her monstrous foot into the slipper. Finally, it is revealed that Cinderella has the other slipper! Although clad in her humble rags, the Prince looks into Cinderella’s eyes and sees the woman he fell in love with.


Overjoyed to be with one another again, they declare their love and are married.

Cinderella and the Prince live happily ever after.


Cast List


Sat 2pm: Kayleigh Danowski

Sat 7pm: Madison Jayne Cole

Sun 2pm: Tayla Kelley


The Prince

Sat 2pm: Keith Reeves

Sat 7pm: Keith Reeves

Sun 2pm: Trey Luciano


Fairy Godmother

Natalia Serra


Fairies of the Seasons

Spring: Emma Hernandez

Summer: Nova Rae Gaffney

Fall: Rena Bernardini

Winter: Angela Wentling



Saturday 2 pm: Tayla Kelley and Madison Jayne Cole

Saturday 7pm: Tayla Kelley and Kayleigh Danowski

Sunday 2pm: Madison Jayne Cole and Kayleigh Danowski



David Morton


Ballet Master

James Walters


Friend of The Prince

Keith Reeves

Trey Luciano



Trevor Burrall


Sat 2pm: Nova Rae Gaffney

Sat 7pm: Angela Wentling

Sun 2pm: Nova Rae Gaffney



Rena Bernardini

Lead Dragonfly

Sat 2pm: Magdalene Ramich

Sat 7pm: Caroline Bixler

Sun 2pm: Magdalene Ramich



Olivia Allen, Skylar DeVore

First Bluebird: Clare Montanaro

Lead Bluebird: Natalia Mondello


  Taylor Breakingbury

Isla Cavatassi

Claire Ciaccia

Kelsey Schoen

Lilly Wagner

Spring Fairy Corps

Robyn Comer

Evelyn Durham

Natalia Mondello

Ava Morton


Summer Fairy Corps

Alison Baleno

Saanvi Barat

Killian Beck

        Susanna Faries

Emelia Feger

Lara Mellaci

Autumn Fairy Corps

Kensley Biscaro

Madison Castrechini

Esme Hughes

      Lucy Pratt

Lilah Mondello


Winter Fairy Corps

Emilia Kim

Kaya Kupfernagel

Cassidy Norris

Addie  Palmitesso

Antonia Richeson

Lindsey Schoen

Flora Schultz


Clock Trolls

Alison Baleno

Saanvi Barat

Killian Beck

Susanna Faries

    Emelia Feger

Esme Hughes

Lara Mellaci

Lilah Mondello


Artistic Staff


Katherine Johnson
Artistic Director

Staff and Production

Assistant Director - Janet Wentling


Videography and Publicity Photography - Demian Spindler


Graphic Design - Lisa Gates


Wardrobe Mistress - Pam McMindes


Jim Niger, Professional Instant Press


New York State Ballet Board Members

Katherine Johnson - Founder and Executive Chair

Kara Bosco

Miranda Glocker

Pam McMindes

Claire Mondello

Lee Woodring

The Dancers
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Madison  Jayne Cole


Natalia Serra


Kayleigh Danowski


Tayla Kelley


Trey Luciano


Nova Gaffney


Rena Bernardini


Angela Wentling


Emma Hernandez

Guest Artists

Keith Justin Reeves

Keith Reeves, a native of Augusta, began his training at age 15 with the Jessye Norman School of the Arts. Shortly after he joined the Augusta Ballet School now known as Colton Ballet under the direction of Zanne and Ron Colton. He has received scholarships to summer programs at Nashville Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School and The School at Jacob’s Pillow. In 2015, Justin received the Audrey B. Morgan Scholarship for the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education Conservatory program and later joined the company. He has performed works by Jiri Kylian, Salvatore Aiello, George Balanchine, Dwight Rhoden, Mark Morris, Kiyon Ross, Annabelle Lopez Ochooa, Ricardo Armante, Tara Seem Yuri Possokhov Ohad Naharin, among others. Last season he worked with Atlanta Ballet’s resident choreographer, Claudia Shrieier, on a solo for the Guggenheim WPA Virtual commission called “Force of Habit.” Justin was also featured in the 2021 March edition of In Style Magazine’s “Black Trailblazers.” He started on his choreographic journey with the Atlanta Ballet School’s conservatory program in 2016. In 2019 he choreographed on the Atlanta Ballet’s second company. Justin is excited to take on a year of freelancing and is choreographing and working on his LGBTQ dance collective “Bodies in Motion ATL.”

Dr. James Walters

Rochester native Dr. James Walters has performed all across the United States as well as internationally. He has performed several different styles of dance ranging from ballet to theater dance and has performed in both commercial and concert productions. Some of Dr. James’ professional credits include; River North Dancer Chicago, Lockport City Ballet, New York State Ballet and Princess Cruise Lines. In addition to preforming, Dr. James is also trained in stage combat and has choreographed dance and stunt choreography for various dance festivals and company productions. While retired as a dancer, Dr. James still enjoys teaching and choreographing within his community where he can share his passion for the

stage with the next generation of artists. 

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